Episode 51 – Work – 5 Minute Break

Episode 51 - Work – 5 Minute BreakVisualization is one way of expelling stressful or unpleasant thoughts. Imagining yourself in a beautiful setting and noticing all the small details can take you on a brief holiday from your day. This is one of many visualization meditations in Ease that will help you slip into a meditative state quickly. Try this during a work break for best results!

Reader: Emma Elizabeth

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by Juanita Ortega on Work – 5 Minute Break

I love the subject matter especially the smelling of the flowers and looking up the clouds. There is a moment where it is kind of fast to me. Maybe because this is only good for a short moment of time. But having a lot of things to notice in a short meditation seems overwhelming at times. I would suggest focusing on one area like just noticing the rose for the whole 5 minutes. When my mind is stress and I need to remove the stressful things in my mind, it creates more stress when I have to think about too many things in a very short period. But that's just me. I would like to know what others think also. Maybe this will work best for some but, not for others.

by Laidie Sebolino on Work – 5 Minute Break

This meditation allows my body to feel relax and calm while being aware that my body has tension and I need to let it go. Imagining that I am in some place where I can notice anything surrounds me, made me appreciate even the small things. It has a full impact on me. And the voice of Emma added the feeling of lightness after the meditation. Never got bored on this meditation.

by Laidie Sebolino on Work – 5 Minute Break

Feeling awkward to your body? Wishing your body should be sexier or thinner? If your answers are yes, I suggest you listen to this meditation. No matter shape, figure, color or size our body is, we should be contented in our body. We should love our body, No one will love and appreciate our body if we don't care and love our body first. Just listen to this meditation and you will find comfort and peace in your body.

by Filip Veljanovski on Work – 5 Minute Break

We all are aware that work days can create such pressure on us and be an obstacle for us to feel calm. An office full of people running all around and panicking that they won't have time to finish the required responsibilities can drive us crazy. All we need is a quality break that will full fill our energy. Take your effective 5 minutes and allow yourself to feel tranquility. Enjoy!

by Filip Veljanovski on Work – 5 Minute Break

Did you ever feel that moment when you are so occupied with work and obligations so you desperately need just a few minutes for yourself? Yes, everyone of us did. A 5 minute break is maybe a small amount of time but enough to charge our batteries and release our stress. So Ease meditation is thinking of everyone, so they made a great meditation to help you release every negative energy you absorbed during your work time. Enjoy!

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