Episode 30 – Weight – Chewing

Episode 30 - Weight – ChewingLearning to be mindful of the food we allow our bodies to consume helps us to rediscover the joys and sensations associated with fresh, healthy, nourishing food. Instead of absentmindedly eating a salty industrially made snack, you may suddenly find yourself remembering the taste of fresh bread, salty feta and tomatoes, or the smells of rosemary, squeezed limes, and crushed ginger. Using this meditation for weight control is better than dieting.

Reader: Matt C.

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by Laidie Sebolino on Weight – Chewing

We take chewing for granted. We did this 4 times a day or more. Often we rushed chewing foods and we skip the enjoyment and fulfillment of flavors. This meditation reminded us to take everything in moderation. So we can notice and enjoy every flavor of the food that we eat. Definitely do this meditation again.

by Filip Veljanovski on Weight – Chewing

We consume food, at least 2-3 times a day. I suppose most of us do not pay attention how the chew the food. Chewing your food twice as long as you normally would will instantly help you control your portion sizes, which naturally decreases calorie consumption. It is time to learn how to chew your food properly in order to feel the benefits of it. I really love this meditation!

by Filip Veljanovski on Weight – Chewing

Sometimes we fulfill our day with so many obligations so we do not leave enough time to finish our meal, we leave only few minutes. Food should be eaten slowly and divided into small pieces. If you eat very fast and in big mittens, the chances of getting fat are increasing. First of all, when I read the title i was sceptic about this meditation but i actually found it very helpful. Amazing, great one!