Episode 50 – Visualization – Personal Retreat

Episode 50 - Visualization – Personal RetreatSometimes life can feel overwhelming. The kids, the job, the spouse. You may feel like you’re about to crack under all the pressure. This meditation is the answer for those times! You can create your own refuge, a personal retreat where you are surrounded only by the good things in your life. 

Reader: Carol

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This is a very good meditation. I believe that I am a visual person. I react on whatever I see. When I see my house full of mess, I get upset and start yelling at someone who made the mess. When I can't sleep at night I visualize a waterfall or a beautiful stream surrounded by luscious trees. But what if we could make our space a place of retreat? What if we could make our home something like a bubble where we want to be in whenever we have troubles? This meditation made me realize what my home, my room need some cleaning, arranging and throwing. I need to throw away whatever those that are not useful anymore. This meditation can be applied on our life as a whole: our thoughts, our relationships, our closets, our facebook friends list etc. We don't need to keep those that does not suits our hearts desires and have our minds escape the reality when reality is hard to handle

One of the best meditations, so far. Visualization like this makes me inspired to go for vacations I've been dreaming of. It's emptying of one's self so you can fill it up again with fresh ideas when you're back to the real world. Also, it makes you cherish the best moments of your childhood, and appreciate the little things that mattered to you before. Carol's voice is so natural yet casual, and relaxed for this episode. Quite long, but worth it. Thumbs up, EASE!

I could have fallen asleep while meditating, if not for the slow internet connection. I need a good sleep after the long trip, and this retreat is so timely. Creating a space where you can relax without minding time and money, and where only the best people in your life exist, is a paradise. Thanks to this ritual, even just for a moment we find peace, positivity, and full control of our life. I find the guide's voice a perfect match for this kind. Would love to repeat it again.

by Filip Veljanovski on Visualization – Personal Retreat

We all are aware that we found ourselves in a situation saying : Oh i wish i was there, it is such a chaos here... It all sound very unrealistic, but why? You can be anywhere you want, you just need someone to guide you and give you instructions how to achieve that better. This meditation is the answer for that! Visualize yourself everywhere you wish, and Carol will be there to help you about that. You will instantly feel happier and your stress will reduce. Don't waste your time and try this meditation!

by Filip Veljanovski on Visualization – Personal Retreat

We can all agree that some alone time and be disconnected from the outside world is something we need from time to time. Finding your internal peace is very hard thing but it is totally worth it. Through this meditation i was feeling like i am floating on a cloud, in my world without gravity with a collection of the good things in my life in front of me. Awesome feeling that keep our "batteries full" further. Treat yourself right!

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