Episode 71 – Visualization – Forest

Episode 71 - Visualization – ForestThis meditation will teach you how to create space for yourself, no matter what is going on around you. You will visualize a gentle stroll through a beautiful, lush deciduous forest. Smells and sounds will become vivid as you move along. Visualizing yourself in surroundings that are aesthetically, and physically pleasing will help you to find inner peace. 

Reader: Brandon

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 3 reviews
by Juanita Ortega on Visualization – Forest

This meditation is really good, better than the first one by Matt, although the Matt version was also good. I like that it is not too fast. I had more time processing my thoughts and visualize the the green luscious trees and the waterfalls. It is very relaxing meditation. Nature is always my favorite subject and thing to visualize. This is definitely what everyone who has anxiety and trouble concentrating must try.

by Laidie Sebolino on Visualization – Forest

I have no time to go to forest and stroll. This meditation brought me to the forest, even in imagination, notice the trees, the grasses and the surroundings. It really made me relax and calm as Brandon described it. The music added the feel of serenity while listening to this. I hope Ease will do more meditation like this one.

by Filip Veljanovski on Visualization – Forest

According to me, when I am somewhere in a wild and pure nature there is no place I would rather be. I can not think of a place that gives me so much joy, psychically and physically, a perfect combination for an inner peace and calmness. When i am there, i think i am feeling so much free and released from any kind of stress. So now you can bring the nature at your home with this meditation and be guided from Brendon in order to enjoy properly. Honestly, Brendon is giving me so much enjoyment with his voice, but i think that maybe he can work a little on his accent because for someone whose mother language is not English ( like me ), it is a bit hard to understand him well. Thanks, Ease meditation!