Episode 7 – Visualization – Beach Vacation

Episode 7 - Visualization – Beach VacationOftentimes we find ourselves trapped in situations which can ultimately dampen our spirits. Whether we are going through a hard day at work, or find ourselves in a crowded airport during a flight delay, the need for freedom is apparent. Use this meditation as your one-way ticket to paradise. Stress-relief is right around the corner!

Reader: Ami

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I love the subject matter as I love the beach. However, this meditation creates too many sceneries. It did not give me time to breath enough to let go of my confused thoughts. It took me from one place to another in just a few seconds. I want to enjoy the sound of the ocean and feel the breeze blowing on face. I would take a drink no matter what it is. Choose it for me, please. Perhaps a sound of the waves splashing will make a perfect addition to the meditation.

by Laidie Sebolino on Visualization – Beach Vacation

This is a great way to start my day. I felt as if I was on a beach. I enjoyed listening to her voice. Her description of the beach was appealing. I can say that I felt that I am really on the beach and taking my vacation alone and relaxed and stress free. Definitely listen to this meditation later. Here's the YouTube video for this meditation: https://youtu.be/NT6uUf08b-E

This is so far one of the coolest meditation I've done. Who would not want a sunny morning to a great sunset vacay in a peaceful, scenic, white beach? The guide is really good in bringing your imagination to the nature scene. The simple body movement and that towel accessory are just appropriate for the ritual. A little improvement in voice recording might still be possible, but overall, this one is great.

The meditation on visualization and relaxation, the meditation is designed to take me out of my present surroundings, by closing my eyes and focusing attention on my breathing, focus is on the present moment and not on other thoughts, then a focus on closed eyelids, then allowing the mind’s eye to take over by visualizing a beach in the mind’s eye, then I visualize the beach at night and lots of relaxing scenarios. This meditation is a great meditation for relaxation and taking the mind to a place of pure bliss, the speakers voice was perfect, and every other detail like the music was good.

I liked the female reader and felt her voice was calming and smooth. Since I am on vacation I liked the subject matter but feel it might not be as helpful once I am back at home. I really liked the images provided throughout the video. The way things were described gave off wonderful imagery and everything was easy to imagine in one's mind. Maybe the music could have been slightly higher as it was hard to hear.