Episode 9 – Travel – Traffic

Episode 9 - Travel – TrafficBeing in situations where you have no control can feel very stressful. Use this meditation next time you are stuck in traffic and you can learn how to use breathing to control feelings of frustration and anxiety. Using visualization to focus on body-awareness helps you to relax and allows you to exist in the moment instead of obsessing about waiting.

Reader: Emma Elizabeth

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by Laidie Sebolino on Travel – Traffic

Being stuck in the traffic was one of the worst moment especially if you were in a hurry. It seemed you're sitting in a vehicle for a long time, you become tense and anxious. You're always looking at your watch. And you think a lot of things if you get late. You can listen to this to calm yourself and clear away the negative thoughts that hanging on your head. Do the breathing, and notice your breath. Look at the things that you did not notice while in a traffic. Look at the people that also stuck in a traffic. If you focus on these things and not in your anger, you'll get to your destination without feeling tired and frustrated.

by Filip Veljanovski on Travel – Traffic

Living in a big crowded city has its own disadvantaged despite its wellknown advantages. Sometimes because of the crowded traffic it takes more time than the usual, to go from one place to another. We are all aware that it can makes us feel very furious and angry. There is no need of that. We always have Ease Meditation in those kind of moments, when we feel that our mind is full of negative thoughts which distract us from the real joy in life. Relax!

by Leah Piscopo on Travel – Traffic

Since this meditation is about traffic and driving I liked that the speaker mentioned safety tips before the meditation started. I felt the breathing techniques would be useful for anyone that's stuck in traffic because it was praceful and relaxing. I liked that the speaker gave instructions on how to breathe properly, because not everyone knows exactly how to complete breathing exercises while meditating. The length of the video was good because if people are driving they might not want to turn off the video within a few minutes, the longer the better since traffic takes time. The background music was very peaceful and perfect for this meditation because it seemed louder in comparison with other videos which would be great for car speakers.