Episode 49 – Travel – Flights

Ease Meditation - Travel Flights FlyingFlying, while being a convenient way to get around, is not fun. Using this meditation during flights can help you stay calm and also helps to pass the time. When you finally sit down and buckle yourself into your seat and all the hustle and bustle of packing, planning and getting to the airport on time is over, this meditation will soothe your ruffled nerves. You will be guided through complete body relaxation and hopefully your trip will be a lot more pleasant.

Reader: Erin T.

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by Juanita Ortega on Travel – Flights

This is the main reason why I don't like flying on a plane. I always have travel anxiety, especially when it involves flying up on the air. When we talk about vacation, thinking about flying on a plane always ruins the excitement. This meditation perfect for those who have flight anxiety like me and anyone who are or will be in a situations they are not comfortable to do like meeting someone you are not familiar with, like a new boss. Anxiety is by-product of overthinking. We worried about what is going to happen next instead of enjoying the moment.

by Filip Veljanovski on Travel – Flights

Many people have the fear of flights, especially they are afraid that they can not put their feet on the pure ground during the whole flight. These days a lot people are most likely to choose not to go somewhere than to get over their fear. One of the most practical things you can do is to put your focus on something else that will make your thoughts fly away somewhere else. Erin is saying such wise words and using some breathing techniques that will help you a lot. Beat your fear with Ease Meditation and travel more, it is such a great thing

by Leah Piscopo on Travel – Flights

I enjoyed this meditation because it is on a useful subject that can help a lot of people. A lot of people have anxiety and stress while flying and this meditation can help them. Even though it might be a little hard to listen to this while flying this meditation can also be used during other activities which is what I really like. I liked the exercises used and how the speaker spoke her words and her pronunciation. I enjoyed the soundtrack and would definitely recommend this to anyone I know who has a fear of flying.