Episode 17 – Travel Anxiety

Ease Meditation - Meditations for Anxiety - TravelDe-stress your mind and body before and while you are travelling. Having to meet a fixed deadline like a departure/meeting time is very stressful when you are on a route, but you have no control over whether you will make it on time or not. Traffic jams, holdups, waiting in the queue of long lines, etc. Use this meditation to help ease the anxiety of travel.

Reader: Emma Elizabeth

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by Juanita Ortega on Travel Anxiety

About 3 years ago, I was in this boat with total of 9 passengers. There was a typhoon (it was in the PhilippInes) and a big mountain of waves slapped me on the face. It is an open boat, they called it a pumped boat. I hated everyone that was running the boat. I thought it was the end of me haha. I was looking for the land but could not see it. To make the story short, I told myself to just let it go, to accept what is waiting for me good or bad. That is the only way to be at peace. Sometimes we always try to be in control, which is the cause of all our anxiety whether at home or outside. Sometimes we worried too much about how other people look at us. Did I bring my nicest clothes, did my bring my selfie stick? Will I be able to take enough pictures if I bring just one SD card? And so on and so forth. And then what? We go back home exhausted, too tired to unpack. Travel anxiety is often a result of a bad experience or no experience of traveling. The secret is to stop overthinking and just enjoy the moment.

by Laidie Sebolino on Travel Anxiety

People used to travel by the land , sea or air. Sometimes its fun and sometimes its stressful. This meditation could help travellers to relax and enjoy the journey. Emma did a great job again. I recommend this for everyone to try.

by Myleen Gatudan on Travel Anxiety

Traveling alone makes you ponder on anything that bothers the mind. But this guided meditation will make you sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. It will encourage you to set aside the unfinished tasks, and throw away any preoccupations. Focusing on your current setting makes you cherish this simple lull time for yourself. Affirmation words are just so right to make you feel safe and at peace. Some words might sound differently for me. Nevertheless, travel time is a perfect opportunity for meditating this kind.

by Filip Veljanovski on Travel Anxiety

This is quite amusing to listen before travelling! If you have problem with travel anxiety, this would probably help you a loy. It is well written and Emma`s voice is very calming. I feel very refreshed and pleasant after listening this meditation. I am so ready to "hit the road" and gain another travel experience!

by Leah Piscopo on Travel Anxiety

I get travel anxiety and this meditation could definitely help me the next time I am traveling. Since I have to travel a lot for college this can help me feel more comfortable with the surrounding people and places I am passing. It is important to be able to feel safe and comfortable while driving and this meditation can help those with travel anxiety or anxiety in general. I liked the speaker, subject matter, and would listen to again in a time of need. Although, I would like there to be a male speaker as it might help the male listeners connect more to some of the meditations.