Episode 6 – Snacking Mindfully

Episode 6 - Snacking MindfullyWe have developed a quite unnatural relationship with food in modern times. Eating has become about quantity instead of quality. We barely notice what we are eating, let alone take the time to really savor it. Learning to pause and think about what you are putting in your mouth will make you aware of the value of the food you are about to eat. Snacking mindfully can help you make better choices and feel more satisfied. There is even scientific evidence of weight loss through meditation.

Reader: Ami

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by Juanita Ortega on Snacking Mindfully

I really love this meditation not only because I love food, but also because of the fact that food is what keeps us alive. Some say love keeps us alive but I say it is the food that does 😁. I love food. When my daughter can't sleep at night, I always tell her to think about what kind of cake she will get for her birthday and she falls asleep really fast. This meditation reminds me of myself. I constantly tell my daughter to not watch ipad everytime she eats. Then one day she said "How come you can do it?" This meditation made me laugh at myself. Too many times I don't realize that I finished the whole bag of popcorn just because I was too busy reading comments in Facebook.

by Laidie Sebolino on Snacking Mindfully

I like this meditation. I have some issues about food. Sometimes I overeat and sometimes I eat a small amount of food. It helped me appreciate the taste and enjoy every bite of it. I know this topic is not common to do a meditation, but few people can resonate with this and I really appreciate this.

by Myleen Gatudan on Snacking Mindfully

If you are craving for a certain food, and you want it to be really pleasurable to satisfy your appetite, this meditation is a good preparation. It really amaze me that meditating can be done also for eating. I also realized that there is no good or bad food. Our senses know what we should eat; just listen to your body. Feel the food, chew it nicely, and enjoy the moment of snacking in moderation. I am thinking of doing again this meditation while eating my favorite food for real. This is fantastic and "kudos" to the author and narrator of this guide.

by Filip Veljanovski on Snacking Mindfully

Very popular topic these days when everyone is obsessed only with unhealthy diets and not taking care how that will effect on their health and body. It was really hood that you are suppose to take a snack while you listen to the meditation to help you set your positive mindset for food. I really liked the part when she said "There is no such thing as good food or bad food. Everything can be good in appropriate doses and everything can be bad in huge doses", people should remember that. Also i liked how Ami was guiding me. I felt the results as feeling refreshed and in a good mood immediately after listening to it.

by Leah Piscopo on Snacking Mindfully

I thought that this was a good message because it is important to explore the depths of your body with your hunger and thirst but to be mindful about it as well. Not being mindful while eating can result in obesity or anorexia, and people need to know when, how, and how much to consume. I think teaching the readers about enjoying what they have on their plate and not how much they can stack on it or take off of it is helpful. People should enjoy what they have, and take in the aromas, textures, tastes, and overall essence of their meal to fully experience how it nourishes the body and mind. Food and water are necessities and I enjoyed this meditation because it teaches just how important it is to eat positively and Mindfully.