Episode 47 – Sleep – Yoga Nidra

Episode 47 - Meditation for Sleep – Yoga NidraThis is a Yoga Nidra (meditation) to help you sleep. A Yoga Nidra is centered around breathing and being able to focus all your attention on each part of your body. It will relax you and help you just be, without anxiety or worry or regret. It will sooth your mind and make the transition into a deep peaceful sleep much easier.

Reader: Charlotte

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by Laidie Sebolino on Sleep - Yoga Nidra

Getting enough sleep make us more productive. We give our attention to more important things and we think clearly. This meditation really helped to get asleep. Charlotte did a great job here. She made me feel and sense every part of my body.

by Myleen Gatudan on Sleep - Yoga Nidra

This is an episode which is way different from other meditations. It focuses on your body points, to release the tensions prior to sleeping. Nothing to overthink or imagine, just notice how your body parts are doing. Breathing exercises, a bit hanging for me, I think I need a little bit more. Narrator's voice is so fitting for this one. We may all have a good, restful sleep tonight.

by Filip Veljanovski on Sleep - Yoga Nidra

It is very common to hear someone says that she/he suffers from insomnia. This phenomenon can happen from different kind of reasons, stress, euphoria or similar thoughts. By reducing the good sleep, we may be unproductive the next day and unable to finish the everyday activities that are "waiting" for us. Listening to Carol's meditation can help us get rid of the thoughts that keep our brain busy. Allow yourself sweet dreams and be full of energy the next day!

by Leah Piscopo on Sleep - Yoga Nidra

I liked the meditation it was just a little slow and seemed to be dragged out. It also seemed repetitive and didn't work to make me feel sleepy or even fall asleep. I think this meditation would be helpful it just wasn't helpful for me. I liked that it was about sleep because a lot of people need help sleeping and this was designed to not only fall asleep but have it be deep and restful. I think if the topic was focused not so heavily on body parts and not dragged out it would have been more beneficial for me.

by Rachel on Sleep - Yoga Nidra

I listened to this mediation right before going to bed and it was extremely effective in making me more relaxed and ready to fall asleep. It focuses a lot on your breath and then moves into how you can focus more on your body without having to adjust to be comfortable. It slowly moves your attention throughout your body and it really works at subconsciously clearing your thoughts of all that keeps you up at night. The speaker had a nice calm voice that was easy to follow and enjoyable to listen to. I would do this mediation again when I am having trouble sleeping at night and need something to help me relax.