Episode 46 – Sleep – Releasing Visualization

Episode 46 - Meditation for Sleep – Releasing VisualizationSleep is vitally important to your emotional and physical health. But, at times, it can be hard to relax enough to fall asleep peacefully. We lie awake worrying about what has happened or what may happen. Use this meditation when you find you are struggling to relax and it will help sooth your mind and provide relief from endless thoughts. The releasing visualization can help you push out your anxiety and allow you to live in the present moment.

Reader: Emma P.

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by Laidie Sebolino on Sleep – Releasing Visualization

Lack of sleep has a lot of negative side effects. Sometimes we really had a hard time to fall asleep. This meditation is really a big helped. It made me fall asleep last night. Emma's voice was soothing and she did not disappoint on this.

by Filip Veljanovski on Sleep – Releasing Visualization

Having trouble with sleeping is one of the most common problems people deal with. A lack of good sleep can be an obstacle to do everyday activities with an energy and in a way it is required. So we can come to a conclusion that people always seek for a solution about that. You can try with different kinds of pills, drinks or something else, but it is proven that meditation is the best cure. So use this meditation in order to prevent this problem on time and enjoy the good sleep!!!