Episode 29 – Sleep – Can’t Sleep

Episode 29 - Sleep – Can’t SleepWithout proper sleep we can become dull, overweight, depressed, stupid, and ultimately ill. Lack of sleep can affect everything in your life from relationships to your ability to get ahead. This meditation will take you through some steps and visualizations to help you relax, set your mind at rest, and fall asleep.

Reader: Matt

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by Laidie Sebolino on Sleep – Can’t Sleep

Sleep is very important to us. If we lack of sleep, we can't think or decide clearly. This meditation will help those who cannot sleep or having sleep disorder. Just listen to this meditation and you will lighter and relax or even get sleepy. I will definitely listen to this later.

by Myleen Gatudan on Sleep – Can’t Sleep

Doing this kind of meditation is essential for those who are having trouble falling asleep at night. Except for those with select medical conditions, disturbing thoughts, worries or mixed emotions contribute from having a good slumber. The breathing techniques provided in this guide will help you release your body tensions and calm down your excitements. The voice seems active and enthusiastic though. I wish he sounded sleepy too while narrating. I will do this guide again for a restful sleep.

by Filip Veljanovski on Sleep – Can’t Sleep

A great meditation for people who have the ""sleeping problem!"" We are all familiar with that condition of our body when we can't fall asleep because there are so many things on our mind that keep us awake. I like Matt a lot and his voice because it keep me "hypnotized" during the whole meditation. I really love the topic because i know a lot of people that deal with this. I would definitely do it again!

by Leah Piscopo on Sleep – Can’t Sleep

I liked that there was music and that the male readers voice blended sell with it. The presentation of the meditation and words was good and coherent. The message was well played out along with the videos which was a nice new touch. The only thing I felt was lacking with the male reader was that his voice was tougher and less gentile than a ladies. Although, I would not say that is a fault of the readers and I would instead say it's just a personal preference, nothing that needs to be fixed, I still enjoy hearing different voices rather than just females.