Episode 28 – Sex – Feel the Sensations

Episode 28 - Sex – Feel the SensationsWe all have so many pictures, memories, and expectations – both consciously and subconsciously – in our heads that can make it difficult to quell the noise and focus on what you are doing. Being able to let go and just be in the moment will allow you to experience sensations to the fullest. Using this meditation before an intimate evening can help you relax and experience sex more naturally. 

Reader: Matt

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by Myleen Gatudan on Sex – Feel the Sensations

The topic still sounds taboo and awkward nowadays. Today, premarital sex might be considered as a normal thing for a couple, but I still hold on to that idea of doing it within the context of marriage. It is more appropriate for legalized or married individuals, and are mature enough to face the consequences and responsibilities accompanying it. Just like any other emotion, sex is an expression of love or strong desire towards another person. The guide is really good at reading soft, slow, and sensual with his words. It's really an intimate thing that this meditation should be done in a private or closed room. Long-distance couples might find this ritual as a way of reminiscing intimacy with his or her great love. They'll be thankful for having this kind, I think.

by Filip Veljanovski on Sex – Feel the Sensations

This subject is actually has a lower part into the meditation field as i can see, and instead it should be more common. Sex is a natural thing and we should not feel ashamed to talk about it. People are most likely to feel insecure about lot of things when it comes to sex, so that's why there is a need for meditations like this. It was very helpful because it was reallt realistic actually. I liked it a lot!

by Filip Veljanovski on Sex – Feel the Sensations

Wow this was the first time i do a meditation like this! Sex is the most natural thing mother natural "allow" us to do and it's time to break that stereotype that it is a taboo subject to talk about. Sometimes we are so occupied with things like how we look or how we sound so we miss the real enjoyment instead. Through the whole meditation i could feel the butterflies in my stomach. Great feeling and great job, keep up the good work!

by Leah Piscopo on Sex – Feel the Sensations

I thought this meditation was very interesting and different. Some of the language and words used definitely sparked my attention more than any other meditation. I liked the message and the natural feeling of this meditation along with the readers voice. I enjoyed the raw feeling of it and felt more meditations like this could be very beneficial. I would say this is one of my favorite meditations due to the fact it is so natural, raw, and different than anything else from Ease meditation.