Risk and Liability

You should never practise mindfulness or meditation in contexts that require you to be fully aware / alert such as when you are driving.


This is not a health or wellness program.


Individual results will vary. No warranty is provided and no claim is made about results or outcomes.


If you are considering using these meditations to treat any medical or psychological condition, you should not. Seek advice from an appropriate resource.  

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You have not purchased this app or any of its content rather you have paid a fee for its use subject to our terms and conditions of use which are available on our web site.


We accept no liability or responsibility for any loss or harm you may suffer from your use of any part of this program.


You are a unique individual. As such, it’s possible that some or all of what we are saying does not apply to you.


We don’t want you to hurt or harm yourself. We have worked hard to provide good information, programs and applications and to ensure that the source is based on evidence based science.  The problem is that our information, programs and applications are designed for an ‘average’ person and you are not an ‘average’ person.  


So we both have to do our best.


  • We will continue our efforts to provide excellence in terms of quality of information, program or application.
  • Your job is to assess the applicability and suitability of this information, these programs and applications for you as a unique individual. Some of you are experienced enough to make this assessment yourself. Most of you are not and that means you should consult with a suitable professional before and during your participation in a fitness or lifestyle program. And for most of you that means a short chat with your Doctor from time to time. Remember though, your doctor cannot foresee what you wear, what equipment you use, what your workspace is like, how much effort you make on a particular day and how your health is on a particular day. You need to use your common sense and seek additional advice from time to time.


If you like, we will help you perform the assessment. To help you we need to work with you as a unique individual. Contact us at safety@easemeditation.com . If you don’t reach out to us for this purpose, we will reasonably assume you have taken the necessary steps to perform a realistic assessment of the applicability and suitability of any information, program or application for you, your body and  your circumstances.  We think that is fair.


It’s illegal for us to make any formal health claims. In other words it’s illegal for us to say something like  “This program will improve your health” or “Following our nutrition recommendations will result in weight loss”.  We make no assertions about the outcome of any information or program on your health. However, we point out that there are lots of reliable sources that point to the power of the relationship between exercise, health and resilience. We are happy to quote those sources and to say that we have based our information and programs on such reliable sources.


Scientific American for example says, “We all know we should exercise. But few realize that being physically active is the single most important thing that most of us can do to improve or maintain our health. Regular movement not only lowers the risk of developing or dying from heart disease, stroke and diabetes, it also prevents certain cancers, improves mood, builds bones, strengthens muscles, expands lung capacity, reduces the risk of falls and fractures, and helps to keep excess weight in check. And those are just some of the more familiar effects.Surprising Ways That Exercise Helps Us – Being active is good for us for many reasons beyond the old familiar ones” By Shari S. Bassuk, Timothy S. Church, JoAnn E. Manson on Scientific American April 1, 2015


We encourage you to find balance in your life, in your diet, in your exercise programs. We will help you do this.


EASE Meditation  and its officers, employees or agents give no warranty and make no representation that the information, recommendations and guidelines are suitable for you, correct and do not contain omissions or errors. When you use the information, programs or applications provided by EASE Meditation you understand that EASE Meditation cannot be held liable for  any loss, damage, cost or expense incurred.