Episode 61 – Rest and Stillness

Episode 61 - Rest and StillnessStillness is always there – even when there is activity. The trick is to find the calm in the storm. If you think how someone who works at the ticket booth of a busy airport can keep calm, then you can begin to understand our meaning. By finding their focus in treating each individual one at a time, they can avoid the chaos of their surroundings. 

Reader: Heidi

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 4 reviews
by Laidie Sebolino on Rest and Stillness

One of the best meditation of ease meditation for me. This put me on a calm and relax state of mind and heart. Heidi's voice was a big help to focus on what she was saying. The topic was a simple one, but the after effect was marvelous. Not a tiring one to listen up too.

by Myleen Gatudan on Rest and Stillness

Before I lay myself to bed, I did the usual meditation. Today’s episode on stillness and relaxation takes away the worries for tomorrow, and the strong emotions during the day. The breathing exercises calm the restless heart, and bring in new source OF energy to the body. Heidi’s voice complements well with the feeling that this meditation wanted to convey. At last, I am now at peace and prayerfully hopes for something great tomorrow.

by Filip Veljanovski on Rest and Stillness

In this time of movement, stillness is the most important thing on what you should focus to achieve and keep. We should be aware of the power of stillnes after a stressfull day or during a activity that requires a lot of attention. And the top of it, if you develop a skill when you can have your own stillness during an activity, you are just one happy person. Use Heidi's words as a help and her breathing methods to achieve real inner peace. Great one!

by Leah Piscopo on Rest and Stillness

I really enjoyed this meditation because it was helpful and insightful. I felt the breathing exercises were beneficial and detailed thoroughly enough to make them easy and fulfilling. The readers voice is really good and makes the meditation feel more professional especially with the fantastic audio and music that blends in well. The message behind the video was good and I feel like being still is important for everyone as a busy mind can really stress someone out. Taking things day by day and task by task is important so a person doesn't get overburdened and overcrowded with responsibilities. I would say this is one of my top favorite meditations and I would reccomend it to everyone and anyone.