Episode 77 – Relax into Sleep

Episode 77 - Meditation for Sleep - Relax into SleepSleep is vital to a healthy functioning body and mind. Without it we become dull, overweight, depressed, stupid, and ultimately ill. Lack of proper sleep can affect everything in your life from relationships to your ability to get ahead. This meditation will take you through some steps and visualizations to help you relax, set your mind at rest, and be able to fall asleep.

Reader: Erin T.

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by Myleen Gatudan on Relax into Sleep

I just did this meditation before going to bed, later. And yes, it's hard to let go of so many thoughts that rumble in the mind. But Erin is right, I just have to release it, and trust for tomorrow. Everything will be fine, I hope and pray. Thanks to this guide, it's so timely for what I'm feeling today. The stretches, and body awareness are so helpful. Have a blessed night everyone !

by Filip Veljanovski on Relax into Sleep

Our mind is constantly full of thoughts for events that happened during the day and they are most frequent before we go to sleep. Being obssesed with this kind of thoughts does not allow us to have a nice sleep and we are all aware of the benefits that qualitive couple of hours bring. I was carefully listening to this meditation and let Erin's words wash through my head and get me relaxed. It feels very good to release all bad thoughts that create an obstacle to a good sleep. Let your body, mind and soul function properly the next day and spread positive as more as possible!

by Leah Piscopo on Relax into Sleep

I like this meditation because it is based around something that is very important to humans, sleep. Next there should be a meditation about waking up in the morning and feeling refreshed, and I think that would be great to play the morning after listening to this meditation while falling asleep. I think this meditations reader was good and it was slow and grim in a good way to help people fall asleep, especially me. I wouldn't want to listen to an upbeat, cheery, spunky meditation before bed because that would wake me up more and cause me to become more alert. I liked the reader in this because her voice was very mellow and not quite monotone but also not very loud or offputting. I thought her voice coincided fabulously with the music to make it sound perfectly majestic and great for falling asleep to. I would say this is my favorite meditation in terms of someone's voice sounding perfect with the music, words, and message.