Hi – At EASE we believe mediation makes the world a better place. For that reason we are more than willing to share our resources. Email us if you would like to.

1. All Weight management, Dietitians, Digestive Health Professionals

 Meditation can provide a great value to your clients. This is a unique way of helping them and helping you practise. It’s a value add like no other – how often do you get such a huge bang for your buck with so little effort or training.

Need resources, coaching etc. We can help.

2 All Meditation Professionals

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3 All Fitness and wellness professionals

Mediation as a performance tool and as a resilience tool should interest you, People who are resilient are less likely to give up. Less likely to give up their training program when a challenge comes along.  That’s good for you.  People who meditate can use the skill of focus to enhance their training and performance. Importantly – it helps with performance anxiety – for high achievers. Fight stage fright.

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Keep connected with your customers,  Emails go to spam. An app is a safe secure way of communicating with your customers. It’s a sure fire way of ensuring they see your messages.

Enhance your professional image. Increase your standing and reputation. Your customers have something to boast about that other professionals do not offer.

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