Episode 39 – Pain Management

Episode 39 - Pain ManagementThis meditation will help you to manage pain and control panic and fear when you are hurt or suffering from chronic pain. Through body awareness and visualizations you can have more control over how pain affects you. 

Reader: Adrian

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by Juanita Ortega on Pain Management

I always love meditations such as this. In fact, I always do this type of meditation even before I've followed this page. Pain is unavoidable, specially nowadays, the technologies, the jobs and other reasons that causes muscle tensions and stress. Most of us run towards pain pills to ease our body pains and the more we take those pills the stronger the pain when they return. That's why I stop the habit of taking pills for my pains. As I've mentioned in the past, I get shoulder pains whenever I think about something for a long time. It's just get worse all the time. The only thing that helps me is meditation and stretching. That is why I always believe in the power of meditation for overall health.

by Laidie Sebolino on Pain Management

Pain is part of our life. It is how we react and handle the pain that matters. Either we take medicines or do meditation to relieve or lessen the pain, don't put your focus on pain. It will stop you from what you are doing. About the video, Adrian talked too fast, I can't focus in meditation. I like the topic and I hope Ease will do more meditation in this topic.

by Myleen Gatudan on Pain Management

I like this topic for meditating today. I need this kind since I am sort of experiencing arthritis or muscle pain on my feet. Loved the part of turning off the switch at the back of my neck to fully let go of the aches. Just weird, maybe it's really true that my mind can dictate what your body should feel. That some diseases are brought about negative thoughts tickled in our brain. The guide reads a bit fast, would be better if he slows down a little. Rated 4.5 out of 5 for this session.

by Filip Veljanovski on Pain Management

Pain is the thing that most of the people are scared of, physical or psychical. Pain can perfectly fit in the role of a obstacle to finishing different kind of activities. Most of the people have trouble dealing with pain and they are in constant seek for a solution. Meditation is well known cure for that. This meditation will help you to mentally control yourself and set your mindset differently when it comes to "pain". Thank you Ease meditation!

by Leah Piscopo on Pain Management

I really liked this meditation and the message that went along with it. I feel that if people are struggling with pain this meditation will actually help them recover physically and mentally. Personally while I was listening i felt pain in my mouth which I only get while I eat and since it started hurting me while I was listening it was not only freaky but it could mean I was connecting to the meditation. I felt the voice, music, and background images were a good blend. This is in my top 10 favorite meditations.