Meditation is Easy

Sometimes easy things confuse us because we expect them to be complicated.

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How, what, where, when ? The answers to these questions are so flexible, so accommodating that it might seem to be a bit confusing BUT we have a guide in guided meditation so all you have to do is listen to the guide.

How to ‘Get it’ with Meditation

A lot of people try meditation and most give up because they don’t ‘get it’.

Like orgasms – you cant explain how it actually feels and no matter how much you try you can not convey the exact experience to another person. A meditation teacher cant see inside your brain and tell you what is going on so you have to trust yourself.

Let us teach you how to recover when your mind drifts off

  1. Suck your stomach in. You are going to hold it in for 5 minutes.
  2. Do not hold your breath
  3. Concentrate on keeping your stomach held in
  4. When you notice that you have let go simply suck it in again and carry on concentrating. Take care not to feel guilt or any judgement about having drifted off.
  5. The more you do this the easier it will become.

Letting go of your stomach is very noticeable. Enough of an attention getter to remind you of what you are doing — holding your tummy in. Reminding you that your mind drifted off and you lost your focus. Meditation is an almost identical experience – just without the active element of holding your tummy in.

Stories of the mind.

Let us teach you how to let go the stories of the mind. Repeat the previous exercise.

This time when you notice you have let go of your stomach – become aware of what it was that made you forget to hold on – something distracted you – thoughts. What were those thoughts about – perhaps about a chore you have to do later, about what you plan to cook, thinking about someone who was rude to you.  Were you thinking about something in the past or the future ? These are the stories of the mind.

Learning how to let go of the stories of the mind is a key skill in meditation. This skill improves over time, and practice makes perfect.

This is not about emptying yourself of all thought. Its about focusing on thoughts about the immediate present moment.

During meditation you can focus on the experience of the emotions that are currently active – perhaps anger. Here is the thing though – you do not focus on why you are angry, what you plan to do about it, whose fault it is ….. Those are stories of the mind. Let them go. Simply experience the emotion. In the case of anger – where do you feel it – in your stomach, in your shoulders, scrunched up face – this is being present in the moment.

The more you practice the easier it is to let go.

You are getting it if

  1. You enjoyed the experience of meditating
  2. Each time your mind wanders off you let go and brought your attention back
  3. You let go of the stories of the mind
  4. You do it on a regular basis
  5. You feel long term beneficial effects after having done it for a while


There is no magical moment. Things change over time.

Try for almost every day for 2 months. If you don’t ‘Get it” then try another method and another site. Mediation is so good for you its worth persevering.


How, what, where, when ?