Episode 58 – Emotional – For Grief

Meditation For GriefWhen you feel overwhelmed by grief, allow yourself to explore your feelings and to seek comfort. Grief is a process, the best you can do for your emotional health is to allow yourself to look at your sorrow without getting involved in the stories of the mind. Just be, and experience your sadness without trying to change anything or pretend that everything is okay.

Reader: Brandon

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by Laidie Sebolino on Meditation For Grief

We have different ways to express grief. Even it is part of our lives, it is still a stressful feeling and no one can escape from it. This medication was really a guide for someone who is in pain of mourning. It lessens the feeling and it helped you to let it go and feel more calm and relax. Definitely do this meditation again.

by Myleen Gatudan on Meditation For Grief

Grieving is an essential expression due to some circumstances which are out of our control. It can be a loss, anger, or disappointments. Brendon is right that we have to seek somebody who can be our confidante during this tough time. Someone who will listen, just simply listen, without judging or even understanding us. I like this part that of sharing our emotion, and express it until we overcome it. This meditation is simply sympathetic for those in grief.

by Filip Veljanovski on Meditation For Grief

Grief is something everyone of us has felt, and we can all agree that it cause us a real emotional pain. It is really inappropriate to constantly lie to yourself that everything is ok and that you are happy. I totally agree with Brendon, grief is a natural process and it should not be suppressed. Be aware what are you feeling at the moment and use this meditation to calm yourself. We can not erase the grief right away but a stress relief therapy like this meditation will significantly reduce it. Great one!

by Leah Piscopo on Meditation For Grief

I like how the video mentioned that everyone's grief is different, valid, and normal. Public expectations are not necessary and should not take over our true feelings of grief. I liked how it gave exercises about how to deal with grief and how to find support and help. The reader was good and calming along with the music and peaceful images. I feel maybe some of the images should either be clearer or more detailed, only because the current ones are simple and not very easy to see. I also like how at the end of the video they give time to reflect instead of abruptly stopping. Grieving is very emotional and depressing and this meditation could be helpful for many people.