Episode 54 – Emotional – Anger

Episode 54 - Meditation for AngerUnchecked anger can be very destructive to your emotional well-being. If your feelings are disproportionate to whatever triggered it, this meditation for anger will help you regain control. Putting space between yourself and the source of your discontent will allow you to examine your reaction without the stories of the mind interfering. 

Reader: Emma

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by Juanita Ortega on Emotional - Anger

I was falling asleep with this meditation, which is a good thing, isn't it? It is very relaxing I could not pay attention to every word Emma said. But, I knew what she was talking about. I was just enjoying the moment. I did not have the feeling of anger right now, but I can totally relate to this meditation. Anger is a feeling that is hard to control when it is already multiplying inside you. I always feel grumpy when I am hungry. Every word I hear irritates me when I am hungry. And the worst is when I am being asked what I want to eat, I always say "I don't know" lol. When we are angry, it is hard to be at the present. It is hard to think clearly, that is why some people do/say things they regret.

by Laidie Sebolino on Emotional - Anger

Let the anger flow out. Take a deep breath and notice your breath. When you feel anger, you will do whatever you want to do without thinking. This guide will help you to identify and release the feeling. Emma never frustrated me as she guided me again to feel calm and relax.

by Myleen Gatudan on Emotional - Anger

Often, we feel stressed or angry about a certain person or situation that we cannot take control of. Yes, it's not wrong to feel this kind of emotion. We need to feel it rather than suppress it. Suppression causes tightened muscles and pain at certain parts of our body. It has to relax, and release to avoid serious complications. And, thanks to this guide for creating an outlet to express and dissect our emotions. It gradually calms anger, and stir in a positive mindset instead. The reader's soothing and soft voice is so effective for this ritual. It's a fantastic meditation to try.

by Filip Veljanovski on Emotional - Anger

Well done for doing this meditation, this is #1 actual meditation for this period because eventually we all have found ourselves in a "Black friday situation". Long waiting lines, crowded stores, clothes everywhere can cause a real chaos. Chaotic situation like this ,on the other side, can cause a lot of anger and stress. So enjoy your shopping to the maximum so while getting readyy listen to this meditation and get a full relaxation treatment. Great one, highly recommend it!

by Filip Veljanovski on Emotional - Anger

People can collect anger from different situations, consciously or unconsciously. Very often we are not aware that we have collected so much anger that stops us for thinking with pure mind. Anger is like a glass of water: if you hold it for 5 minutes it won't cause danger but your hand will hurt if you hold it for 3 days. This meditation was so wise. It helped me a lot, i feel so relieved.

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