Episode 60 – In Tune with Nature

Episode 60 - In Tune with NatureThis meditation / mindfulness exercise is focused on strengthening our connection with nature and the earth. The natural world nourishes our body, mind, and spirit. We learn how to appreciate nature and love the world just as it is. We don’t need to change anything, learn to love the role you play and the beauty of our surroundings. Use this meditation during times of anxiety and stress for best results.

Reader: Heidi M.

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by Laidie Sebolino on In Tune with Nature

This gave me time to reconnect to nature even for a short while. Listen and feel every second of this made me calm and relax as if I was in that place. The water, the sand, the air, we should take advantage to enjoy the nature without compromising its natural beauty. We should be thankful that wherever we go and see nature, it gives us the feel of serenity and calmness. I hope Ease will do more meditation like this in the future.

by Myleen Gatudan on In Tune with Nature

It really feels good when you're communing with nature through your senses. The guide is really cool with her soft and very soothing voice. I can feel how she wanted us to let go of one's self and immerse to that certain element of the earth as if we're really a clay or water thing. Yes, revitalizing and really refreshing too, one of a kind to do. Not my top favorite but a fabulous one.

by Filip Veljanovski on In Tune with Nature

Did you notice that maybe one of the best days we remember are the one spent in the nature? Nature has its own magic, its own calming effect on us. Did you even try to reconnect with the nature truly, to become one? The feeling of tranquility that connection produce, is irreplaceable! This meditation helped me achieve that, i am so thankful to Ease Meditation!

by Filip Veljanovski on In Tune with Nature

Mother nature is the most brilliant thing that people ever had a chance to meet with. Its beauty can not be described and there is where the magic lays. When we find ourselves somewhere in a pure nature surrounded with water, rocks, trees, flowers and beautiful views we can not lie that we all feel calmed and vanished from any kind of stress. We all dream of the possibility to experience that when we want. Heidi will help you as she helped me to escape the reality for a quite of time and enjoy the irreplaceable feeling of tranquility

by Leah Piscopo on In Tune with Nature

I really enjoyed everything about this meditation. This speaker seemed to be perfect and had an innocent vibe to her voice that I liked because it seemed eloquent and sincere. The reader was perfect for this meditation as she seemed to really believe what she was saying and spoke a story to the listeners instead of a script. The details in this meditation were spot on, and everything correlated nicely. The readers voice overtook the music and images, and really allowed me to concentrate on her, instead of outside distractions. This is definitely my new favorite meditation.