Episode 79 – How to Meditate – Technique

Episode 79 - How to Meditate – TechniqueIf Meditation sounds too out-there or daunting to you, try listening to the basic concepts and learn what you can hope to achieve. Use this introduction to help you understand the basic idea behind what it is to meditate and how it could benefit you. This is not about meditation as a tool to attain spirituality, rather it is about finding inner strength and resilience. You will learn some techniques to help you relax and get into a meditative state.

Reader: Erin

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by Filip Veljanovski on How to Meditate – Technique

Why when i say to someone that i meditate, most of them do that insecure face saying "Ah, I heard it is hard and i think i won't be able to do it". I think it is time to change that ! Let's make everyone believe in themselves and get the chance to enjoy the irreplaceable feeling of refreshment after a meditation. Great video full of instructions for beginners! Keep up the good work Ease meditation