Episode 56 – Emotional – Grief

Episode 56 - Meditation for GriefWhen you feel overwhelmed by grief, allow yourself to explore your feelings and to seek comfort. Grief is a process, the best you can do for your emotional health is to allow yourself to look at your sorrow without getting involved in the stories of the mind. Just be, and experience your sadness without trying to change anything or pretend that everything is okay.

Reader: Emma

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by Filip Veljanovski on Emotional - Grief

Losing someone is known to be one of the hardest feelings people have to deal with. The first step in the "grief process" is facing that it really happened, that the person we love is no more around us. It is well known that people often try to avoid it and choose to believe in something else, unreal. If you look into the "problem eyes" and be aware of what it is happening, everything else will be maybe not significantly, but easier anyway. If you need help dealing with grief, use Ease meditation to feel better!