Episode 52 – Emotional – Gratitude

Episode 52 - Emotional - Gratitude MeditationBeing thankful and appreciating the world around you will increase your sense of well-being. Since the human mind is biased towards negativity, deliberately thinking about what is good in your life will help you maintain a positive attitude. The objective is to try and change the way your brain responds to life and to break down those neural highways that result in stimulating your fight or flight response. Living with so much adrenaline is terrible for your emotional and physical being. Use this gratitude meditation to increase your overall health.

Reader: Emma Elizabeth

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 5 reviews
by Laidie Sebolino on Gratitude Mediation

Don't forget the people who always helped us. And be thankful to them. Being grateful in life is like being content with what we have right now. It's not bad to dream more, just don't forget some values in life. My favorite, Emma, will be always my top reader of all time. This meditation was perfect.

by Laidie Sebolino on Gratitude Mediation

Being grateful in life is like being contented with what you have right now. People that support us, helps us, nourish us and loves us, we should be thankful to them. This meditation reminds us that we're lucky enough to have them and living a life that suits us. Emma never failed me to amaze her voice. Going to listen again to this meditation later.

by Myleen Gatudan on Gratitude Mediation

To be grateful for things we often take for granted, is a virtue. This fantastic meditation guide will ease away your "why's" in life and replace it instead with "thank you"'s. Every one has its own daily battle. And, starting your day with being grateful that we breathe, have enough for food and daily needs, nearby loved ones to support and laugh with us, can tremendously change the way we react with expectations. Instead of being impatient, anxious, and angry towards people or circumstances that go out of our control, try gratification and you'll be amazed of its magic. I'll definitely repeat this guide over and over again.

by Filip Veljanovski on Gratitude Mediation

It`s well known that if we try to reduce the negative thoughts in our mind, and put the focus on the thoughts that full fill us, the sense of gratefulness will increase rapidlly and after all that what matters. Never feel sorry for something in the past, because that help you become the person you are today. Never forget to gratitude that! Thank you Emma for this amazing meditatiom, it helped me once again to appreciate my existence! I would definitely do this meditation again!

by Leah Piscopo on Gratitude Mediation

I liked this meditation very much. I liked the images, soundtrack, and speaker and felt they were all well rehearsed and coherent. I felt the message of the meditation was great as people as a whole need to be more grateful and feel thankful. Since everyone's lives are unique and not a single person shares the exact same circumstances we should all be happy for what we have instead of what we don't have. I liked the way the speaker spoke her words and felt this type of message should be broadcasted everywhere.