Episode 20 – Exercising – Mental Stretching

Episode 20 - Exercising - Mental StretchingDid you know you can think yourself into fitness? Use this meditation to have a workout while you relax sitting down. There is some evidence that just thinking about moving actually has some of the beneficial effects of actual movement. Mental stretching can relax you and put you in touch with your body. 

Reader: Emma Elizabeth

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by Laidie Sebolino on Exercising - Mental Stretching

After doing this, I felt that the tension and stress in my body was minimize. I felt my mind become more sensitive and alert. Again, Emma did an incredible job. I was able to concentrate on her voice as if I was doing the workout physically. I hope more meditation like this and Ease Meditation choose Emma again to be the reader/speaker.

by Myleen Gatudan on Exercising - Mental Stretching

This meditation is like an exercise yoga done mentally. Her instructions for body and mind coordination is easy to follow . The reader's voice is soothing and soft, which makes the yoga workout feel comfortable and relaxing. I would love to repeat this mental exercise again. I just wish the reader's voice to be something like a litlle bit strong at some point to make an emphasis for some heavy movement.

by Filip Veljanovski on Exercising - Mental Stretching

I found this meditation very helpful and informative. Honestly, I have never been aware that the you can have a workout while sitting down and the “ mind and body tandem” can be so powerfull! This mental stretching meditation helped me to achieve an opportunity to look deep into yourself, I felt very comfortable and amazing! I also liked the long pauses between the talking, because it gives you enough space for yourself to improve your concentration. I think that you should focus on this topic and make more meditations about it.

I felt this meditation did not work for me as I did not connect with the message that I can "think myself into fitness". I liked the reader and thought she was well rehearsed in her lines and said everything thoroughly. The music was fine as always along with the images. I'm not sure if I would give this meditation another try since I do not know how I will feel about the message later on. I gave it's overall rating a 3 because I felt the message was split as in it's good for some but not for others.

by Peter Chipkin on Exercising - Mental Stretching

Loved this