Episode 43 – Emotional – Loneliness

Episode 43 - Emotional – LonelinessAcknowledging that you feel lonely and understanding why you feel this way will help you to release these negative feelings. Actively participating in this meditation will remind you of the people who love you, surround you, know you, or are even just acquainted with you. Loneliness doesn’t have to consume you anymore.

Reader: Carol

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by Laidie Sebolino on Emotional – Loneliness

If you feel lonely, you must try this. After this meditation, i felt more loved, I appreciate my family more. This meditation reminds me that even we feel loneliness, there is always love (family, friends, pets) that makes us continue our everyday life.

by Myleen Gatudan on Emotional – Loneliness

Being lonely can be beneficial or dangerous for a person. It may bring out courage or confidence, or boil down one's self-worth. I like the intention of this meditation, that is to break the anxiety brought about by loneliness, and comfort someone with affirming words from Charlotte. It helps you to release all the tensions and stress of the day, by giving out your biggest exhale. Afterwards, you may be alone today, but can be fulfilled, and hopeful for tomorrow. Try this out guys!

by Filip Veljanovski on Emotional – Loneliness

It is really odd, but really often one person can feel an awful loneliness even though he or she is constantly around people. Message to all of you that felt this way - Don't worry, we all felt like that, at least once. Feeling like this can cause depression because of the fact we have so many emotions and feelings deep down in us and we never allow us to tell them to someone. It's time to let this go and set your mindset differently. This meditation will let you release this feeling and look the things with clear eyes.

by Leah Piscopo on Emotional – Loneliness

I enjoyed this meditation because it was entertaining and had great exercises and details. Although, the females voice sounded extremely autotuned or conputer generated. Her voice was scratchy, there were incorrectly placed pauses of silence between words, and overall the voice seemed to have really bad audio to support it. I feel like with practice the speaker could be really good, but the audio seemed to be off when it was recording her so that probably made her voice sound that much worse. In addition, the name on the video said it was spoken by "erin" when the voice in the video introduced themselves as "charlotte". I liked the subject of this video and feel like it can still help many if they don't mind the audio.