Episode 5 – Emotional Eating

Episode 5 - Emotional EatingFood, and our relationship to it, can be complicated. Eating disorders are prevalent in western society and there are many factors which cause this to happen. Meditation and mindfulness can help us uncover the reasons behind our attitude to food. It also helps to maintain a state of equilibrium which in turn helps gain more control.

Reader: Ami

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by Laidie Sebolino on Emotional Eating

When I feel bored or stress, I usually put my attention on food. I indulge myself in food that sometimes even I already full, I want to eat something else until my cravings were gone. Like the chocolate, I like to eat that after a meal or just when I feel lonely and sad. I like the topic but the reader talked too fast. There were a lot of things coming to my mind that some part of the meditation was I missed listening to or I need to rewind the video for me to understand what Ami said.

by Filip Veljanovski on Emotional Eating

Did you ever think why when someone says "sad person" we imagine him/her with a large cup of icecream, fast food and maybe donuts in front of him/her while crying in front of the TV? That is because people often eat a lot while being stressed, confessed it would reduce the stress? And yes very often, we regret that after we feel better. So don't let that moment of regret come and stop it on time. I can say that this meditation is full od great quotes that will set your mindset differently about emotional eating.

by Leah Piscopo on Emotional Eating

I liked this meditation because it didn't scold people for their bad eating habits, but tried giving positive remarks and reinforcement instead. This meditation is extremely relatable and that's why I feel many people can connect with it and enjoy it. The video reviews that food should not be used as a coping mechanism and that's why people get upset when they realize they're gaining weight by their unhealthy eating then they feel guilty. Food should not be used as a distraction for reality, and I like that the video was straight through with this aspect and didn't play head games around the topic of why food shouldn't be a coping mechanism. I like that it reviews how the past is in the past, and nothing can change what we ate, so we should make the best of it going forward.