Episode 83 – Eating Chocolate

Episode 83 - Eating ChocolateEating mindfully heightens your sense of pleasure and it makes eating a better, more satisfying experience. Feel the gratitude for what you have, see the world around you in all its glory and really notice how amazing it is to be alive. Populate your world with positive things  and things that are good for your psyche, if you want to be happy. Eating chocolate just turned from good to great!

Reader: Emma Elizabeth

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by Juanita Ortega on Eating Chocolate

This is the kind of meditation that’s perfect for all ages. I kinda love that it helps me being mindful on what I put in my mouth, especially when it comes to chocolates. And not just chocolates but with every food we eat and everywhere, like at the dinner table, and not just for the sake of being able to keep track of how much we ate, but also notice the people we are eating with. How many families eat together but not talking to each other while eating because they are busy with their phones? Sometimes we are not being mindful with what we do while we eat. Most of the time we are doing things that we are not supposed to do like having a tv tray so we can eat in front of the tv. And since this is about eating chocolates, I would like to share my secret on how to no overeat😁. I pick the brand of chocolate to eat, something that isn’t available everywhere, or not easily accessible, and I only buy it when it’s on sale.

by Laidie Sebolino on Eating Chocolate

I love chocolate. This meditation gives me a delightful eating time of chocolate without consuming too much sugar. 🙂 As always I like Erin's voice. It added to the sensation of smelling and eating the chocolate. This gave me more time to enjoy the taste and the aroma and appreciate every bite, every chew and every bit of chocolate.

by Myleen Gatudan on Eating Chocolate

A nice guide, meditation for real. Eating something like chocolate can be a great momentary mental break. With this session, mindfully eating your snack contributes to release of happy enzymes in the body. Not only that, it helps not to overeat as you savor each bite of that sweet candy. Erin's exotic voice also adds up to this sumptuous episode. Chocolate lovers, why not try this one? Thumbs up, Ease !

by Filip Veljanovski on Eating Chocolate

If we go through our instagram or news feed on facebook, i am sure that at least 10 posts about weight loss will pop up or 10 photo of fit people with their story of how they lost weight will appear. Maybe we are not aware of the fact, but that create a lot of pressure on us. So we constantly torture ourselves with the question "How to lose weight most effectively?" It is time to change the typical way of losing weight and start doing it with a help of meditation. Learn how to eat mindfully, because the secret lays in eating slower, in smaller pieces and with a previous sense of that "why" we eat. Try this new method and experience the new way of dieting

by Leah Piscopo on Eating Chocolate

I enjoyed this meditation because it was simple but fun. I liked that it involved the listener and incorporated an activity that was eating. I thought the reader was really good and clear. I liked the subject matter because I feel it is important to savour your food and not take it for granted. I liked thinking about how important and essential our sense of taste is, because it's important to treat it right and take care of what we consume and put in our mouths.