Episode 45 – Office – Dull Work Break

Dull Work BreakDoing dull work for extended periods of time makes you feel dull! Use this short meditation to make the most of your breaks when you are feeling a bit oppressed by your work. You will be left feeling lighter, happier, refreshed, and ready to carry on with your day.

Reader: Charlotte

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by Laidie Sebolino on Office – Dull Work Break

Walking is essential to our body. It makes our blood flows all our body and stretch our muscles. We can think things while walking and breath some fresh air. Exercising inhale exhale helps our mind to think clearly and relax our emotion. Try this meditation and it really helped.

by Myleen Gatudan on Office – Dull Work Break

I remember when I was still working in an office, we usually go for a short nap after lunch. Most of the time, I cannot put my self into a short sleep. If only I've known this ritual, my short office break can be really worth the minutes for meditation. Visualizing a walk on the beach or under the trees can re-energize the tired mind and make it snappy again for work. It can even inspire you to do better at work so you can actually go for real of that scenic walk on a vacation. Life has to be cherished, even with this little breaks, at the office.

by Filip Veljanovski on Office – Dull Work Break

We must admit that we all "hate" Monday because it is day when we face work after a relaxing weekend. Sometimes work can be really hard and exhausting. So we start feeling temptatais when the next break will be. And when it comes we end up using it ineffectively because we talk how we are feeling tired because of the job instead of focusing on recharging ourselves. Use this meditation to refresh yourself and save energy for the rest of the day!

by Leah Piscopo on Office – Dull Work Break

I liked this meditation because the music was Nice and the speaker matched with it very well. I thought the message behind this meditation was good as well but I feel it might be beneficial for this meditation to be repeated with the same concept but different message completely. Instead of the scenery and visualization maybe it can be about how to unwind and helpful skills and tasks to perform to stay focused and energized. The visualization aspect of the meditation was very well put together but for me personally I would have benefited from meditating about helpful ways or skills or even meditation techniques besides visualizing to help with my boring day. I would recommend this meditation to anyone who is having a boring day or a boring job and needs something new to do.