Episode 38 – Coffee Shop – Tea Leaves

Episode 38 - Coffee shop – Tea LeavesIf you find yourself alone at a table in a coffee shop, you can use this time to just take in what is happening around you without becoming involved in any way. Use this meditation to have a moment to yourself when surrounded by people and sounds. This is an ideal opportunity to go into your personal bubble. The purpose is not to eavesdrop, but to focus on different sounds and being able to isolate them. 

Reader: Adrian

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by Juanita Ortega on Coffee Shop – Tea Leaves

This is one of those meditations that I will listen over and over. It is very effective. Even though the reader was talking fast, I was able to remain with my concentration while following the instructions on the meditation. When a meditation makes me yawn, it is good. That means it worked. I remember reading the book "Meditation for Women Who Do Too Much". There was a part where she was sitting with the dog looking far away. This meditation is something I could say, similar. Sometimes I sit and wish I could just do nothing: no phones, no food, not reading comments on Facebook, - just do nothing. Most of the time we are too busy and if we are doing NOTHING we consider it a red flag, that we are being unproductive. We always hear that "multi-tasking" is a good thing. In the end we trained our brain to work all the time and keeping our minds STILL and concentrate on a single thing is very hard. That is why I really appreciate meditations like this one.

by Laidie Sebolino on Coffee Shop – Tea Leaves

Focus and notice some ordinary things every day. This meditation helped us to be aware of our surroundings. Taking a more serious look at the things that we take for granted because of its size or color. It gave us more focus and concentrate on a specific matter with a lot of people or noise going around us. The reader, however, took the reading in a fast-paced mode that's why I lost my concentration.

by Filip Veljanovski on Coffee Shop – Tea Leaves

5 minutes at the coffee shop, only you and your thoughts always sound good to everyone of us. The act of mindfulness can encourage focus, calmness and tranquility through the rest of the day. Keeping our concentration on a high level can help us during a lot of activities to do it more properly. Either this meditation is called 5 minutes in a coffee shop, feel free to listen it everywhere and every time you need. Once again, thank you Ease Meditation for the huge help you give us to fulfill our mind with beautiful thoughts that will make us feel more focused and relaxed.

by Leah Piscopo on Coffee Shop – Tea Leaves

I really liked this meditation because it was something new and creative. I liked the idea of being in the present and focusing on the little things in life. I enjoy the premise of a coffee shop so o pictures that in my mind as well while completing the meditation which was nice. I thought the breaks in between the words were a little odd but really stuck out to me, I'm not sure if they were in another meditation but this was the first time I've notified them so I found it weird but likable. I would recommend this meditation to everyone because it is fun and refreshing.