Episode 19 – Coffee Shop – Eavesdropping

Episode 19 - Coffee Shop – EavesdroppingIf you find yourself alone at a table in a coffee shop, you can use this time to just be and truly take in what is happening around you without becoming involved in any way. Use this meditation to have a moment to yourself when surrounded by people and sounds. The purpose is not to eavesdrop but to focus on different sounds and isolate them.

Reader: Sarah

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by Filip Veljanovski on Coffee Shop – Eavesdropping

One study shows that happy person spend 50% of the time with partner, 30% with the friends and 20% alone. Sometimes we "forgot" about the last one while being occupied to please everyone around us. But quality alone time gives us so much benefits. Being alone gives us the chance to rethink everything that's been happening lately and give an opinion about it to ourselves. Sit in the nearest coffeeshop that give you pleasant feeling, distract everything around you and enjoy!

I liked the meditation but it seemed to be all over the place. If the editing wasn't an accident, then the multiple topics being combined was really odd and it felt overpowering. I liked the meditation about the Coffeeshop and listening to other people because it felt visionary. I liked the attention to detail and the way the reader encourages us to listen to others and observe them. I feel getting intouch with yourself and your surroundings is an important aspect to being comfortable and connected to reality and that's why I feel this meditation is good for everyone.