Episode 16 – Carol’s Experience

“I should have started with guided meditation”. Carol – a member – shares her frustrations about trying other methods of meditation and how guided meditation helped her succeed and make it part of her life.

Reader: Emma Elizabeth

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by Juanita Ortega on Carol’s Experience

This is very true as I've experienced the same. A meditation might for some but not for everyone. It depends on individual preferences. For me, to make a meditation work, I need to add stretching and proper breathing. As with Carol's experience, it is very true that meditation really works in relieving pain from stress and anxiety. Whenever I think about something over and over, I feel the weight of my head on my left shoulder. In just a matter of one day, I could feel soreness and tension building up. I did not know what the cause was at first, but whenever I have body pain, I don't go towards pain reliever pills as a solution. I end up carrying the burden until it goes away. It comes and goes, so I wondered what was going on with me. After experiencing it over and over, I just realized that it has something to do with how I think and feel. Avoiding negative feelings, anxieties and worries takes a lot of practice. Sometimes things happen in our home that it is too hard to control our negative emotions. In grade school, l learned that we don't feel with out hearts, but with our brain. That part is in the left side of our head or skull, and they called it cerebellum. So my teacher told us to say " I love you with all my cerebellum", instead of all my heart. So maybe the reason why we can't function very well when we are angry, upset or worried, is because this part of the brain is too busy. Just like us, when we are working, we can not function physically properly when we are OVER multi-tasking. So for our body to function properly we have to set aside some task, and so with our brain. This is how meditation works. Meditation helps when we throw away, breath out, or even punch really hard, useless negative thoughts.

by Myleen Gatudan on Carol’s Experience

I perceived meditation as a tension reliever prior to starting your day. Through this guided daily meditation, focusing on priorities for the day has been easier. It made me enjoy and cherish simple moments of snacking, sleeping, or commuting. Emma was right, meditation relieves pain, which are mostly stress-related. You just have to practice putting down your glass, and give in to your senses. Eventually, we will master meditating, proper breathing techniques, and so with chanting.

by Filip Veljanovski on Carol’s Experience

I carefully listened to this meditation, and although everyone had a different first experience with meditating, i am pretty sure that we are all surprised about one thing - its power. Before i start doing it, I was not aware of this fact but after the first meditation i could feel the energy. I agree a lot that meditating can reduce the pain with doing "stress relief therapy". The feeling of refreshment is irreplaceable! I am doing it for a couple of months and i am really glad that i have it in my everyday schedule!

by Leah Piscopo on Carol’s Experience

I liked everything about this meditation. The message was good as it is important to not only meditate but believe you are actually achieving a goal by doing it. It's a nice insight to the world of meditation to be seeing a member of a meditation company come out with her own experiences, struggles, and strengths of the meditation world. I think this meditation will help those that are doubtful as to how to meditate or what the point of meditating is. I would listen to this meditation again because it is insightful and inquisitive.