Episode 81 – Peace – Breathing

Episode 81 - Guided Meditations for Peace - BreathingLearning about breathing and being able to focus on the breath is the first step in understanding how meditation can benefit you. Breathing is an automatic function that we take for granted and yet, it is the essence of our existence. When you breathe intentionally and really focus it, amazing things happen. When you draw life giving oxygen into your lungs, you draw in the glory of being alive.

Reader: Erin T.

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by Juanita Ortega on Peace - Breathing

I like this meditation. The pace is perfect and the tone is very relaxing and calm. I love the subject. Breathing does not only gives us life, it also helps us pause, examine our actions, pause and hold our anger and sadness. Breathing brings us back to who we are, from becoming who we are not due to anger for example. Notice how someone tells you to breath when you are running out of breath in a difficult situation.

by Myleen Gatudan on Peace - Breathing

Breathing is life. I loved being reminded of this simple yet very important blessing. The way we breathe in and out is an expression of our current emotion and thoughts. With this guided meditation, you'll have an idea how your breathing rhythm takes it place on your system. Do you breathe fast? slow? or too deep? You'll then realized if your relaxed, stressed, or not feeling well. For me, this guide can calm an anxious soul. Erin's voice is so soothing that she creates a connection every time she speaks. A must try for every one.

by Filip Veljanovski on Peace - Breathing

If you want to conquer the anxiety or any kind of negativity of life, live in the moment, live in the breath. You are where you need to be. Just take a deep breath. Put your focus on the breathing and provide yourself a chance to experience glorious things. The feeling is irreplaceable!

by Filip Veljanovski on Peace - Breathing

Without breathing, there can not be any existence. It is an often situation to hear from someone "Breath in deeply and breath out for 3 times and you will feel better" because proper breathing help us manage a lot of moods. Listening to the instructions from your reader can help you control your breathing to a point when you feel totally relaxed and ready to enjoy the benefits of your meditation. So that is why in every meditatio you can notice that our reader is guiding us how to breath properly. Learn, implement and enjoy!

by Filip Veljanovski on Peace - Breathing

Breathing is something we do every second of the day unconsciously. If you are mad,stressed or maybe extremly excited some people say : " Count to 10 and take 3 deep breaths. " So that means that with breathing you can control many things. Breathing properly in a comfortable position is a on your "must do" list if you want to really enjoy your meditation. Breathing methods are really important so that is why Erin is here to help you! Enjoy!

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