Episode 22 – Body Care – Symmetry

Episode 22 - Body Care - SymmetryIntentionally appreciating how amazing our bodies are helps us to understand and calibrate the relationship between mind and body. This meditation will guide you through body appreciation step by step – thus enhancing your sense of well-being. As always, being mindful rewards your psyche, brings equilibrium, and strengthens the connections between mind and body.

Reader: Emma Elizabeth

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 5 reviews
by Juanita Ortega on Body Care - Symmetry

I love this meditation that reminds me of the importance of my body as a whole. Even though the intro was quite long and repetitive, this meditation still served it's purpose. Maybe if it was a little bit slow this meditation would be near perfect. But I wished it was more profound and had little bit more emotions.

by Laidie Sebolino on Body Care - Symmetry

Emma is my favorite reader now. She made me concentrate in every meditation, she read. And made me feel lighter after this. I am looking forward to listen to her in the next days. I will definitely listen to this later.

by Myleen Gatudan on Body Care - Symmetry

A unique meditation which reminds us to be thankful for having that gift of life and be able to move with balance thru our body every day. It does not matter how others perceive our appearance. Remember that we are perfectly and beautifully created by God for a purpose. And this body awareness meditation teaches us to appreciate each of our body parts - to how it is positioned, sensed like, and how it carries its daily function. I am thinking why there's no music in the background. Still, it is one of a kind meditation especially when you need appreciation and gratification.

by Filip Veljanovski on Body Care - Symmetry

I enjoyed this meditation a lot. I really liked how Emma was guding me to focus on some parts of the body and connect my breathing properly. I was also delighted that i was supposed to do different poses with different parts of my body that helped me to concentrate more. If you hear the reader carefully, and do the instruction meanwhile, you will be able to feel the energy that your body and mind produce. This meditation is in my "Favourite" list.

by Leah Piscopo on Body Care - Symmetry

I like the idea behind the meditation and agree that the body and mind need to correspond for an overall healthy demeanor and spirit. The music was a little hard to hear at first but that could have been because of my reception. I was sitting with someone else while listening and they said "i really like her voice" and I agree that the readers voice is smooth and getting better each time i hear it. I liked the pace of the video. I would do this meditation again because I feel I need my body and mind to be connected.