Episode 23 – Body Care – Indigestion

Episode 23 - Body Care – IndigestionYour digestive system is your 2nd brain and the core of your immune system. This meditation / mindfulness exercise is about body awareness. In particular it focuses on indigestion. The stomach controls more hormonal systems than the brain. Your digestive health is central to your physical and mental health.

Reader: Emma Elizabeth

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by Laidie Sebolino on Body Care – Indigestion

I will do this meditation again. It helped me to correct my indigestion. While listening to her voice, I feel relaxed. The music was also relaxing. I wish she spoke a little bit slowly so I can think or do the breathing longer.

by Myleen Gatudan on Body Care – Indigestion

I like this meditation, especially it's purpose on relieving indigestion. The reader sounded calm and relaxing. I just cannot understand some of her words, maybe due to her accent. I just wish there were some body movement accompanying the breathing technique. Still, this kind is good for those beginning their meditation ritual.

by Salimon Abiodun on Body Care – Indigestion

"The meditation on indigestion was a soothing and calming experience. I got to understand fully well the importance of digestion to the health, which is central to mental and physical health. With the exercises performed in the meditation, I was
able to focus on my stomach, take in deep breaths, which in turn soothed me and aided digestion. I picked other parts of my body that was a little stressed out, concentrated on them and used the same technique, it was calming, relaxing and soothing.
I would highly recommend this type of meditation to others, it’s a simple technique on how to stop indigestion, the message was easy to understand, the speaker’s voice was
soothing and the music was calm and alluring. Though at a point I closed my eyes as per the instructions in the meditation, before I closed my eyes the video on the meditation was showing pictures of the earth which I didn’t quite get its correlation with indigestion."

by Filip Veljanovski on Body Care – Indigestion

Well, first of all i really liked the music in the background, it sounded really relaxing. I also liked the speaker's voice and her slow talking, but i think that maybe she can work a little on pronouncing some words, because at some parts, I could not clearly understand what she was saying. I absolutely liked the topic of this meditation, it helps me a lot. Especially i liked the part where she was explaining how to inhale and exhale and hold the breath in your abdomen, it was really effective. But i can say that maybe it would be better if the pauses between the talking at that part were shorter.

by Myleen Gatudan on Body Care – Indigestion

The meditation on letting go was quite insightful and freeing. It was a mindfulness exercise, effortlessly experiencing things and working on resistances on some experiences by letting it go. To manipulate and change things, you just have to let it go, all thoughts that comes is perfect the way it is and letting go of resistance taking it as it comes. Letting go of resistance to resistance. Letting go of the natural flow of living and resistance. Simply being, breathing effortlessly, paying attention to breathing, letting go of the attempt to change anything. This type of meditation is a must by everyone, it’s a great stress freeing technique. The message was crystal clear and easy to comprehend, as usual the speakers voice and the music had a calming effect on the body.

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