Episode 12 – Body Awareness

Episode 12 - Body AwarenessBody awareness is an important component of awakening your mind. Knowing your body and recognizing the connections between how you feel emotionally and physically is an important skill to develop. This meditation will teach you how to relax, rest easily and help you achieve harmony.

Reader: Carol

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by Laidie Sebolino on Body Awareness

as we do our daily tasks, we neglect our body's significant role and never appreciate what it does. in this meditation, we will become more aware of our body and its functionality. give more importance to our body because health is wealth.

by Laidie Sebolino on Body Awareness

One of the best topic Ease Meditation to make a meditation. Many of us find many reasons to dislike or even hate our bodies. This meditation is a reminder that we must love ourselves, especially our body for us to have inner peace and contentment. The speaker was relaxed, not as bad as yesterday's meditation. I will definitely listen to this meditation later.

by Filip Veljanovski on Body Awareness

Most of the time, we look at our body and put the focus on its physical appearance and we forgot about all the activities our body is able to do. Our bodies are magical and fascinating. We should be grateful about that and learn how to love it and enjoy it. This meditation will help you look at the things from other perspective. I feel great!

by Leah Piscopo on Body Awareness

The audio was extremely low at first. I checked if it was my headphones and it was not. The soundtrack seemed to be lower at first and the females voice needed to be louder as well. Other than that I liked the idea of Body Awareness. I liked the images and was unable to hear any of the soundtrack to be able to rate it.