Episode 4 – Being Present – Simply Being

Episode 4 - Being Present – Simply BeingTo dwell on what has passed, or to continually fret about what lies ahead, is to never really experience the joy of moment you are in now. This meditation explores what it means to let go and gives you some simple steps to follow so you can achieve a state of equilibrium. You will the skill of staying in the present to be extremely useful in your life.

Reader: Ami C.

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by Laidie Sebolino on Being Present – Simply Being

Have focus. Forget all the worries for a moment. Just think the present moment. Enjoy it. Be thankful for what you have right now.

by Myleen Gatudan on Being Present – Simply Being

It's not that easy to focus when something is bothering you, whether in the past or about the future. Live for today, plan for tomorrow. Enjoy the moment by simply engaging yourself at the PRESENT and NOW. The steps here are helpful reminder to live by so we can savor every minute of the occassion. This meditation exercise is short, but I love repeating it.

by Filip Veljanovski on Being Present – Simply Being

People tend to live a busy life filled with a lot of activities that we get done during the day. We must admit, it is a great feeling to have schedule for the whole day and do productive activities, but don't you sometimes feel like we are so focused on that so we forgot about the little things? 10 minutes away from every responsibility and just taking notice of your existence sounds great right? Observe yourself in your natural habitat and just relax, without trying to fix something or do something. Let Matt guide you through a meditation that will help you relax every muscle of your body and feel free and independent.

by Filip Veljanovski on Being Present – Simply Being

It felt very good to hear this meditation. I could define it as very motivational and fulfilled with wise words. Sometimes we worry so much about the future or the past, so we forgot to be grateful for who we are now. I could only say that I think it would be better if it was longer. Remember people, live for today!

I enjoyed the reader, images, and background music. I would have liked the meditation more if it wasn't so similar to past meditations. At times when listening I had to recheck if it was the meditation scheduled for today because it sounded like ones I have listened to I'm the past from Ease meditation. this meditation didn't feel like it's own, it felt too much like the other meditations for me to be able to connect with it. The "past, present, future" saying also got me confused because I remembered hearing it said in other videos.