Episode 27 – Peace – Bath Time

Episode 27 - Peace - Bath TimeIt is essential for your emotional and physical health to find time for yourself every day. Learning to be mindful during everyday tasks enriches your experience of life and brings a sense of well-being and comfort. It is also a way of finding momentary peace in a chaotic world. Use this meditation during bath time to relax and find peace.

Reader: Matt

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by Laidie Sebolino on Peace - Bath Time

I have 3 sons and my Bath time always in a hurry. I didn't enjoy it and thinking that my baby will cry anytime while I'm taking a bath. This meditation gives me time to enjoy bathing even I am just imagining it. Matt made me concentrate on this meditation. I felt relaxed and less tense.

by Filip Veljanovski on Peace - Bath Time

Hot tub at the end of the day in a combination with a meditation like this - pure perfection! I tend to live to live a busy life full filled with activities and a hot tube comes like an award to me so i want to make that time really relaxing. It was really relaxing and had an effect to me like a real stress relief therapy. One of the most helpful meditations i have ever listened. I would definitely do it another time, the feeling after it was irreplaceable!