Episode 80 – Anxiety Acknowledgement

Episode 80 - Anxiety AcknowledgementHumans are programmed to constantly be aware of our surroundings. We have survived as a species for so long because of this on-set paranoia. Also, it is normal for your brain to assume the worst – especially as we grow older. In modern society, though, this constant vigilance is somewhat unnecessary. The key to keeping contentment is to learn how to control these feelings.

Reader: Erin

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by Laidie Sebolino on Anxiety Acknowledgement

Anxiety made me the worst person when I did not handle the situation properly. All the things I am thinking of especially being a mother to my children, that I feel that I’m not doing the right thing or I am not enough for them, anxiety comes in. This meditation helped realized that it is normal to feel it. But I need it to let it go. ErIn helped me to realized that. I can definitely listen to this again.

by Myleen Gatudan on Anxiety Acknowledgement

I like the topic of this guide. Anxiety may be inevitable, but the way we respond to it dictates our day. And as noted in this guide, the unconditional love we've shared and received conquers all our worries and anxieties. This meditation can help relieve the stress brought about by this emotion. Erin's voice is so soothing and calming that attracts serenity to one's anxious soul. Would definitely recommend this one to loved ones.

by Filip Veljanovski on Anxiety Acknowledgement

Monday as a day, is a very start of a new work week. Maybe of its role like a "start flag" to the week, we all feel anxious about it. New obligations, new responsibilities, new tasks. We all need a pause from that because we can not espect to be efficient with our mind being full of these kind of thoughts that stop us from that. This meditation will be very helpful and a real tranquility zone.

by Filip Veljanovski on Anxiety Acknowledgement

Anxiety is a natural phenomenon that almost 80% of the people deal with and if you don't take control over it, it can lead to anger, stress, worry, temptation etc. Anxiety can not be escaped, you can only find way how to control it. This meditation was perfect! I really love the part where Erin was guiding us to create a secret safe zone where we can "hide" from our anxiety which is made of the people we love and love us back unconditionally because it is a well known fact that we feel safe where there is love. Wise words and very helpful! Help yourself with this meditation and stop the anxiety and her results before it become unimaginable!

by Leah Piscopo on Anxiety Acknowledgement

I thought the meditation was sad because of the way the woman spoke with the music playing in the background. It seemed to be sad music and overall kinda sad and not as uplifting as other meditations. I enjoyed the subject matter, and feel people shouldn't let anxiety control them but instead welcome it and benefit from it. I thought the speaker was too monotone. I think this meditation would be good later at night before bed but not in the early morning.