Episode 37 – 5 Minutes of Peace – In…

Episode 37 - 5 Minutes of Peace – In the Coffee ShopA short 5 minute meditation will refresh you and help you feel more relaxed and positive for the rest of the day. Try this meditation to help you find your equilibrium during a stressful, busy day. You can do it in a coffee shop, or at your desk perhaps, just find a few minutes to settle down somewhere quiet. Learning to make a calm space for yourself when you feel stressed is a very useful skill to have.

Reader: Adrian

Listen to the meditation:

[With Music]

[With Music]

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This meditation is perfect to keep our thoughts away from the noisy world around us. Actually this is perfect for me. I always have a routine everyday and expect other people to follow their routine too like brushing teeth , putting their socks on etc. But instead they always ask me what to do next. Sometimes I feel like could burst like a very tight balloon. When I listened to this meditation I realized that I need to let out some of the pressure in my brain in order not to burst and a 5 minute brain vacation can do the trick.

It's really intended for a quick 5-minute coffee meditation. The guide reads really fast, as if he is chasing time or somebody. I like the topic since it increases awareness about your body - positions, breathing, and muscle tensions. A bit awkward when I realized how my arms or tongue unfold naturally. I tried it before going to sleep tonight, though with a milk instead of coffee. It's good though, but I was left a bit hanging in the end.

We all have that unknown desire to get away from the tension that is surrounding us everyday and "breath in our neck". We can find our "quiet bubble" in different places and in different shapes. I love this meditation 's title, it speaks for itself because 5 minutes in the coffee shop is the place where we are alone with our thoughts. I love the reader's voice, it make this meditation even more powerful. I really like it!

i love this meditation. it has saved me many times!

I felt this meditation was very positive and reinforcing. I liked the message and the words that went along with it. I enjoyed the soundtrack as it didn't seem to overpower the speakers voice. A nice, short, smooth and soothing meditation I feel would help a lot of people. Whether in the coffee shop or anywhere else I feel this meditation can help me in a tough time and that's why it's one of my favorites.